For individuals and businesses seeking to


Transatlantic Commerce

We assist with challenges related to conducting business in the U.S., including:

  • selecting optimal international structure for operational and tax purposes
  • Legal advice on selling via Amazon FBA or directly
  • setting up legal framework for Kickstarter campaigns
  • identifying and navigating regulatory (FDA, TTB) challenges
  • negotiating contracts with U.S. business partners
  • drafting terms of service and privacy policy for e-commerce
  • trademark registration

Venture Capital

We understand the dynamics of startup funding as we represented countless startups, VC funds, and individual investors in:

  • friends and family rounds
  • seed rounds
  • series A-C financing
  • convertible notes
  • SAFEs

Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys can assist you with the following:

  • litigation
  • mediation
  • arbitration
  • debt collection analysis
  • derivative suits
  • shareholder disputes


We negotiated and successfully closed multiple contracts on behalf of our clients, including contracts with Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. Our experience covers:

  • software development agreements
  • sale of goods agreements
  • master services agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • license agreements
  • manufacturing agreements
  • joint venture agreements


Our services include:

  • formation of corporations and LLCs
  • M&As and reorganizations
  • opening U.S. branches and subsidiaries
  • advising on corporate governance matters
  • authorization and registration in multiple states


Our immigration services complement our business-oriented services profile. We plan and carry out:

  • E-2 visa applications for business owners, executives, and other key employees
  • EB-1 and EB-2 applications for individuals and employees of extraordinary ability
  • L-1 visa applications for intra-company transfers of executives and key employees
  • applications for family members and children of E-2, EB, or L visa recipients.


8 October 2021

Applying for a U.S. Trademark

If you are considering applying for a U.S. trademark, you probably have some questions, including “is it worth it?” and “how exactly does it work?”. This article covers the main steps of trademark registration in the U.S. and answers the most common questions that our clients ask when considering applying […]
28 April 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Competes in California

Non-competes in the state of California have been a topic of discussion for several years now. The status of California as the capital of modern technology and innovation in the United States makes the matter of non-compete clauses especially relevant as competition in all respects, including for qualified knowledgeable employees, […]
31 March 2021

Delaware: LLC versus C-Corp

As discussed in detail in our earlier article, local and foreign entrepreneurs usually chose Delaware as home for their business venture in the U.S. There are multiple reasons why Delaware has become the favorite jurisdiction of numerous businesses in the U.S., many of which are listed here on the official […]



Stanislaw is a business attorney specialized in the legal aspects of launching and scaling companies in the United States, with emphasis on contract, corporate, securities, and business immigration law. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Warsaw and obtained his Master of Laws degree from New York University School of Law, where he served as a Graduate Editor of the Business & Law Journal. Prior to opening Komorowski Law Firm he worked for Cytowski & Partners as a Managing Associate of the New York office and in the bankruptcy division of Dentons in Poland.

Admitted to practice in California and New York, fluent in Polish and English, proficient in Brazilian Portuguese.


Matteo's practice is mainly focused on commercial litigation and arbitration. As an associate at Montgomery McCracken LLP, he was part of numerous trial teams handling federal litigation proceedings in New York. Before entering private practice, he performed clerk duties under the Honorable Arnold L. New at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Matteo graduated magna cum laude from the Universitá Degli Studi di Genova and obtained a Master’s of Law degree at New York University School of Law in 2013, specializing in international trade and investment law and arbitration. After his Master's degree, Matteo was retained by NYU as a research scholar in matters of EU and WTO law.

Fluent in English, French and Italian and with a working knowledge of Spanish. Admitted to practice in New York and in Italy.


Snaige is a business and legal specialist specializing in corporate law, contracts and fintech. Snaige obtained her Master of Laws degree majoring in International and European Union Law at Vilnius University, Lithuania in 2019 and her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at California International Business University, U.S. in 2019. Prior to working in Komorowski Law firm, Snaige trained at Primus Derling and worked as a Junior Associate at CEE Attorneys in Lithuania. Snaige is highly experienced and knowledgeable in corporate law, fintech, AML, banking & finance law as well as blockchain application and regulation. Snaige has substantial knowledge of US business practices, management and administration gained during her MBA studies.


  • "Stanislaw successfully helped us negotiate contracts with multiple key clients, including Global 500 companies. His problem-solving attitude, deep focus on our business's goals and high responsiveness make us feel taken care of and safe which is invaluable especially when doing business in foreign markets. I highly recommend working with Stanislaw."
    Anna Lankauf, CEO
    Industry: IT Solutions
  • "Polecam Komorowski Law Firm przedsiębiorcom prowadzącym działalność gospodarczą w USA, a szczególnie do negocjowania i przygotowywania międzynarodowych umów handlowych."
    Marek Niedźwiedź, CEO
    Codilime Inc.
    Industry: IT Solutions
  • "Stanislaw is a perfect model of a good lawyer. He understands the business concepts and translates it perfectly into legal slang. What differentiates him from the crowd – he does it right from the first time. You can rely on his expertise. You never look for second opinion."
    Adam Kruszewski, MD, MBA, Chairman
    Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • "Very responsive guys. Their expertise are startups, fundraising and Venture Capital. I recommend them for early/mid-stage companies."
    Jakub Graczyk, CEO
    NXT Factory Inc.
    Industry: 3D Printing
  • "Very helpful, always responsive and easy going. I wish to know more lawyers like Stanislaw!"
    Piotr Niedźwiedź, Founder & CEO
    Neptune Labs Inc.
    Industry: Machine Learning
  • "Profesjonalizm, szybka obsługa i świetna znajomość typowych dla amerykańskiego rynku kapitałowego spółek i konstrukcji prawnych. Jeśli idziesz ze swoim startupem na podbój Ameryki, albo masz tam inwestorów, zdecydowanie polecam kancelarię Komorowski Law Firm."
    Borys Musielak, Managing Partner
    Smok VC
    Industry: Venture Capital
  • "Stanislaw to nie tylko profesjonalista, ale jednocześnie pozytywnie zaangażowany człowiek, z którym wspolpraca to ogromna przyjemność. Przeprowadził nas z sukcesem przez meandry wizy E-2 i zawsze był wsparciem. Gorąco polecamy."
    Ewa & Dariusz Pasewicz, Co-owners
    Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC.
    Industry: Cybersecurity


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